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"I Am Patrick" Now Available for Purchase

The coronavirus scrubbed the theatrical debut of this docudrama about the man who brought Christianity to Ireland, so it's taking the home-entertainment path.

John Rhys-Davies in a scene from "I Am Patrick." Image: CBN.

I Am Patrick: The Patron Saint of Ireland, one of the first movie casualties of the virus scare, is going the same route as many of the big studio pictures. After having its theatrical release canceled, it is coming straight to DVD and streaming.

Poster art for "I Am Patrick." Image: CBN.

The film stars British actor John Rhys-Davies and tells the true story of Patrick's life, using expert interviews, historical re-enactments and Patrick's own writings in an effort to separate the real man from the legend. It tracks his kidnapping and subsequent slavery in Ireland as a youth, his escape and freedom, and his later return as the Christian missionary who brought the Faith to the then-heathen people of that island nation.

A production of the Christian Broadcasting Network, this picture was to debut last week as a two-night Fathom Event, only to be scrapped at the last minute in a precautionary move related to the coronavirus. With movie theaters all across American now closed for the foreseeable future, CBN has chosen to take the movie directly to home entertainment.

The DVD costs $15 and comes with immediate streaming access as well. The network is also offering volume discounts on bulk purchases. If you're interested, you can find out more and buy the movie via this link to CBN.

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