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Happy News for Reality TV Christian Couple

Lauren and Josiah Duggar are expecting less than a year after enduring a miscarriage.

Lauren & Josiah Duggar showing off her baby bump. Image from the couple's Instagram page.

The stars of the TLC reality TV show Counting On, took to Instagram to announce that she is pregnant with their second child. They posted a series of pictures, including the one above that features a white balloon in the background to symbolize the child they lost to miscarriage last fall - a boy they named Asa.

Another photo shows Lauren and Josiah Duggar holding an ultrasound image and the final picture has them with a sign that says "Rainbow after the storm. Baby #2." They also add in a caption how "excited" they are to make the announcement and, being devout Believers, give thanks to God.

"It's hard to fully express just how grateful we are for God blessing us again with another precious gift! So, as we rejoice of the life of our second sweet baby, we also remember (balloon as symbolism) our other sweet baby, Asa, in heaven. God is so incredibly good!"

Indeed He is. The young couple expects the baby to be born in the fall, and there will no doubt be many people praying for mother and child...Christian Film Blog will be among them.


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