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Great News for "Run the Race"

The Christian film's theater count is going up.

Graphic from the "Run the Race" Facebook page announcing a bump in its theater count.

Run the Race, from executive producer Tim Tebow, should get a nice boost at the box office this weekend, when it increases the number of theaters showing the film by more than 25 percent. It debuted nationwide last weekend in 853 theaters and producers announced on the film's social media accounts they will add 236 more, bringing the total number to 1,089.

Adding theaters after opening weekend, a big development for any movie, is something that does not happen that often, particularly in the faith-based genre. If, however, a film does well at the box office in its debut, this is the result. And Run the Race is off to a good start.

The Chris Dowling-directed picture brought in $2.16 million last weekend, which was good enough for a 10th place finish overall, according to Box Office Mojo. Better still, the film averaged more than $2,500 per theater: that's higher than all but three of the other Top-10 films.

Run the Race tells the fictional tale of two brothers relying on each other, their athletic talents and ultimately their Christian faith to carry them through hardship. The film stars Tanner Stine and Evan Hofer as the boys and features a strong supporting cast, including Kristoffer Polaha, Frances Fisher, Mykelti Williamson, Mario Van Peebles and Kelsey Reinhardt.


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