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Good Turnout for "Washington's Armor"

The pilot episode of this faith-based TV show enjoys its first showing in a public venue.

Director Tammy Lane addresses the audience at a Texas screening of "Washington's Armor." Image: "Washington's Armor"/Instagram.

A crowd of nearly 200 people came out to watch a free showing of Washington's Armor at a movie theater last night in Lubbock, TX. A project from Christian director Tammy Lane, this pilot is the first installment of what she and her team hope turns into six-part miniseries that focuses on the role God played in the early life of George Washington.

Based on the founding father's journals, it is set in the 1750s just before the start of the French and Indian War when Washington was an officer in the Virginia militia and still loyal to the British Crown. As we mentioned in our review, this show is a well-done period piece with a good script from Andrew Librizzi, impressive camera work from cinematographer James Burgess and fantastic props, costumes and sets. And let's not forget the actors. Plenty of good performances, including from Christian players Willie Mellina, in the role of Washington, Ashley Bratcher and Micah Lynn Hanson, among others.

In a social media post this morning, Lane and her team thanked everyone who turned out at the screening for their support and mentioned that there would be more to come. Christian Film Blog will keep you posted on that once the details of those showings become clear. In the meantime, you can click this link to watch the trailer and get a feel for what to expect.


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