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Good Debut for "Round of Your Life"

The Christian sports drama turns in a fantastic per-theater average at the weekend box office.

Richard T. Jones (right) rallies the team in a scene from "Round of Your Life."

The distribution footprint for Round of Your Life is definitely tiny, but there's no complaining about the revenue from its first weekend. According to Box Office Mojo, the film brought in $4,336 from just one theater, making its per-theater average better than every movie in the Top-15 except for the first and second place terms of total revenue, Round of Your Life took 62nd place.

Now, we are a bit unsure how they came up with that single-theater number since the film's own site claims it opened in four theaters, not one, but the folks at Box Office Mojo are industry leaders when it comes to tracking and reporting on this, so until we hear otherwise, we'll go with it and be happy for the filmmakers.

Round of Your Life tells the tale of a high school golf prodigy who resists his calling until tragedy strikes his family. It stars Evan Hara, Christian actor Richard T. Jones, Alexandria DeBerry, Katie Leclerc, Katherine Willis and Boo Arnold. Screenwriter Tim Ogletree also appears in a leading role.

You can check our review here and find out where it is playing via this link to the film's social media accounts.


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