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Good Box Office Showing for "Palau: The Movie"

This biopic about the great evangelist makes the weekend Top-40 despite limited release and playing just one day.

Luis Palau preaches the Gospel at an open-air meeting. Image from the film's Instagram page.

Palau: The Movie brought in $64,000 over the weekend, putting it in 33rd place at the box office, according to The Numbers. That's impressive when you consider that it only played on Saturday and in just 135 theaters. The film did show on Thursday as well, but that doesn't count for the weekend box office list; over both days it brought in a total of $134,000 in the US. It was also released in South America, but there are as yet no reports on the revenue from there.

The movie tracks Luis Palau's journey of faith from his boyhood in Argentina to an adult life devoted to international evangelism. From writer/director Kevin Knoblock, it features some particularly compelling moments from Palau's years planting churches and preaching in Colombia in the 1960s.

With more than half a century in ministry, Luis Palau has shared the Gospel of Christ with tens of millions of people in 75 countries. Now 84 years old, he is currently battling stage four lung cancer, but got what his son called an "encouraging" report after his most recent checkup with doctors.


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