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The Next Installment of the "God's Not Dead" Franchise Tackles Politics Head-on

The new film features a high-profile cast and it rolls out in theaters late this summer.

David A.R. White reprises his role as Reverend David Hill in "God's Not Dead:  In God We Trust."
David A.R. White reprises his role as Reverend David Hill in "God's Not Dead: In God We Trust." Image: Pinnacle Peak Pictures.

It has been ten years since God's Not Dead burst onto the scene with a $65 million box office haul on a budget of just $1.5 million. That success spawned a host of sequels, including the fifth and latest iteration, God's Not Dead: In God We Trust, which releases in theaters nationwide in September.

The faith-based film again stars Pure Flix and Pinnacle Peak Pictures founder David A.R. White in his role as Reverend David Hill, as has been the case in all four of the previous movies. While those have featured the push-and-pull of politics and faith to varying degrees, in this presidential-election year, the new movie is jumping straight into the fray, with the Reverend himself running for a seat in Congress.

Clearly striving to mirror the current climate in the United States, this picture takes place in an America beset by "political and spiritual upheaval," as the synopsis puts it. White's character is opposed by another candidate bent on "removing religion from governance," and the film aims to prompt "audiences to exercise their God-given right to vote and make their voices heard."

Joining White on screen is a strong supporting cast that includes participants from previous films in the franchise like fellow Christian actor Dean Cain and Isaiah Washington, as well as Hollywood vets like Scott Baio and Charlene Tilton. God's Not Dead: In God We Trust, produced by Pinnacle Peak Pictures and Great American Pure Flix (the new name for that aforementioned company), will debut on the silver screen on September 12th, and the trailer below will give a feel for what to expect.


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