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Melissa Joan Hart Remembers the Pressure of "God's Not Dead 2"

Updated: Sep 4, 2018

The Christian actress spent a month in nervous anticipation over the movie's big scene.

Hart starred in the 2016 Pure Flix film, playing a teacher facing legal action for talking about her Christian faith during class. In an interview with the news website Townhall, Hart says she knew she had to be perfect because the courtroom confrontation scene was the linchpin of the film.

"If I don't pull that off right, believable, truthful way, the movie falls apart. I was terrified and excited the whole month leading up to that."

With lots of preparation and prayer - including a group prayer the morning of the big scene - Hart did pulled it off.

Townhall interviewed her tied to the re-release of God's Not Dead 2 by Pure Flix, which is putting it out in a DVD three-pack of the entire God's Not Dead franchise. If you're interested in owning the three movies, check it out here. And you can read Hart's full interview at Townhall.

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