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God "Opened Another Door" for Kevin Sorbo after Hollywood Shunning

The actor says being a Christian and a conservative in Tinseltown is "like being a double leper."

Kevin Sorbo (left) and John Ratzenberger shake hands in a scene from "Miracle in East Texas."
Kevin Sorbo (left) and John Ratzenberger shake hands in a scene from "Miracle in East Texas." Image: Wild Fire Films.

Having shot to fame as the lead actor in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys in the 1990s, Kevin Sorbo has since made nearly 60 movies. In fact, he's got four that should release this year, including the faith-based comedy Miracle in East Texas, which he both stars in and directs.

That's an independent film, which is mostly what the 63-year-old God's Not Dead star makes these days since his beliefs are out of favor in Hollywood. In an interview this week on TBN's Takeaways with Kirk Cameron - a fellow Christian actor - Sorbo said his faith and conservative political views lost him both his agent and manager at a meeting 11 years ago. Citing displeasure from the big studios about the actor's views, they told him, "We can't work with you anymore."

Kirk Cameron, too, does mostly independent productions and faith-based films - like one he's got coming out later this year from the Kendrick Brothers - so Sorbo was obviously preaching to the choir, as it were. Sorbo mentioned that he was banned from Facebook last year for comments about the coronavirus and stated that his beliefs are viewed with particular disdain in the mainstream entertainment industry.

"When I tell people I'm a Christian and a conservative, it's like being a double leper in Hollywood."

He has not let that hold him back, however, and focuses his attention largely on his own production company, Sorbo Studios, making movies in the $3 - $5 million range. And he works with his wife, Sam Sorbo, who is also an actress and has a lead part in the aforementioned Miracle in East Texas, which stars Christian actor Louis Gossett Jr. and John Ratzenberger as well. Though Sorbo recognizes he has missed opportunities because of his faith and politics, he thanks the Lord for independent films.

"God opened another door for me. And the road I'm on now, I love it."

The father of three does get the odd role in big-budget pictures, including one coming out later this year called Reagan, a biopic about former president Ronald Reagan that stars Dennis Quaid and features Sorbo as a pastor. Release dates are still up in the air for that movie and Miracle in East Texas, but Christian Film Blog will update you as warranted. Until then, you can check out the trailer for that latter film below and watch the full interview with Kirk Cameron via this link.

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