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"God Friended Me" Actress a Big Fan of Online Sermons

Javicia Leslie moved to Hollywood, but still listens to Sunday services from her home church.

The 31-year old actress plays Ali Finer, a pastor's daughter, on the CBS comedy-drama God Friended Me. The show's plot focuses on her character's brother, an atheist who gets a social media friend request from the Almighty.

Make no mistake: despite the themes, this program is secular fare. Javicia Leslie, however, is a Christian. So several years ago when she moved from Maryland to Hollywood to advance her acting career, she was determined not to lose the connection with her home church, Mt. Zion, located just outside Washington, DC. She tells AmboTV that's where modern technology comes into play.

"We’re in that time and age where maybe you can’t go to your favorite church physically because it’s not in your area, but now you can stream it."

And stream it she does. In fact, Leslie says she likes to "stream all of the services." She also gives credit to her pastor, Keith Battle, for really understanding her choosen profession despite the fact that the Maryland church is thousands of miles from Tinseltown.

"He did a great job of connecting what this industry is and also walking with Christ...He brought in people like Meagan Good and DeVon Franklin and had them speak with us. I just felt like he stayed connected to the current culture. So it was really powerful.”

If you'd like to see Javicia Leslie on the small screen, you can catch God Friended Me on your local CBS station Sunday nights at 8:00 Eastern Time/7:00 Central Time.


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