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For King & Country Releases Virtual Christmas Production

The Christian music group has teamed up with "The Chosen" and the Museum of the Bible for this Yuletide event.

A screenshot from the production, "A Silent Night at Museum of the Bible," featuring Luke Smallbone (left) and Joel Smallbone (right) of For King & Country
A screenshot from the production, featuring Luke Smallbone (left) and Joel Smallbone (right) of For King & Country. Image: "A Silent Night at Museum of the Bible."

It's called A Silent Night at Museum of the Bible and the streaming event kicks off today. Headlining the performance is the Christian band For King & Country, composed of the brother duo of Joel Smallbone and Luke Smallbone; their 2020 album A Drummer Boy Christmas will serve as the vehicle for the musical event.

The Austrailian-born brothers, together with an actual little drummer boy, will lead what is billed as a "visual journey" through the Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC and end up on a replica set of the Holy-Land from the time of Christ. The production tells the Nativity story and features footage from the Christmas Special of The Chosen, which we've covered heavily in recent weeks.

In fact, much of the second season that hit streaming series was shot at the same Holy Land facility in Utah that is featured in this production from For King & Country. In a clip from the event, Joel Smallbone speaks powerfully to the impact of Jesus' life despite the very humble circumstances of his birth.

"He turned BC into AD. He flipped the world on its head. He's the most famous name around the globe...He reconnected us to heaven and, in turn, brought heaven down to earth. And now He offers us redemption."

With a blend of dramatic backdrops, moody lighting and soaring music, the trailer is quite impactful and you can check it out below. The event is meant to be streamed during designated time slots over the next seven days and tickets start at $20 per household. Today's performances are already sold out, but you can purchase tickets for the remaining days via this link to the event's website.


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