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"Family Camp" Wraps its Run in Movie Theaters

The Christian comedy is now available for purchase on DVD and digital.

Lead actors Tommy Woodard (left) and Eddie James appear in a scene from "Family Camp."
Lead actors Tommy Woodard (left) and Eddie James appear in a scene from "Family Camp." Image: K-LOVE Films/Provident Films/Roadside Attractions.

The first film from the Skit Guys comedy duo of Eddie James and Tommy Woodard, Family Camp turned in a decent performance at the box office, ending its theatrical release with a total haul of $3.95 million, according to The Numbers website. The picture spent 49 days on the big screen, reaching a peak of 1,057 venues during week two back in May.

This was also the inaugural feature from K-LOVE Films - a division of the same company behind the national Christian radio network K-LOVE - and we have to think they were hoping for a bit better bottom-line number. First, they have tremendous marketing reach with an enormous radio audience of the target demographic for this movie: Christian mothers and fathers. Second, the Skit Guys bring their own sizeable audience to the table, closing in on 300,000 followers on Facebook alone.

The filmmakers will now have an opportunity to boost their numbers through secondary revenue streams like digital and DVD sales and then on streaming after that, meaning the movie has not yet run its course. If you're interested in purchasing Family Camp, you can do so via this link to the movie's website.


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