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"Family Camp" Debuts in the Top-10 at the Weekend Box Office

Updated: May 16, 2022

The Christian comedy from "The Skit Guys" posts the 2nd best numbers among new releases.

The Skit Guys comedy team of Tommy Woodard (left) and Eddie James appear in a scene from "Family Camp."
Tommy Woodard (left) and Eddie James appear in a scene from "Family Camp." Image: K-LOVE Films/Provident Films/Roadside Attractions.

A strong start for the inaugural movie from Tommy Woodard and Eddie James, as their Family Camp claims the ninth spot at the box office. The faith-based comedy rang up $1.4 million from Friday through Sunday, according to The Numbers website, and it turned in the fourth best revenue-per-theater among films in the Top 10.

Better known as "The Skit Guys" stand-up team, Woodard and James - who play the picture's lead characters - take their families to a week-long camp in the movie, which also features Christian actors Robert Amaya, Mark Christopher Lawrence and Gigi Orsillo. Once at the camp facility, the comedy duo battles it out in an increasingly intense series of head-to-head competitions, "instead of being focused on their families who desperately need them," as the film's synopsis puts it.

This picture is the first feature from K-LOVE Films, the new movie arm of the national Christian radio network K-LOVE, and that outfit's promotional efforts over the airwaves no doubt had a significant impact on the performance of Family Camp. The movie debuted in a relatively modest 854 theaters and it will be interesting to see if that number increases after its initial box office success.


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