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DeVon Franklin Signs with Paramount

It didn't take the Christian producer long to find a new home after Disney's baffling decision to cut him loose.

Christian producer DeVon Franklin (right) interacting with fans. Image: DeVon Franklin/Instagram.

DeVon Franklin is now setting up shop at Paramount Pictures, having inked a so-called first-look deal this week with the studio. (That's a highly-coveted type of contractual agreement reserved for proven talent - actors, directors, producers, et cetera - that basically gives each party the right of first refusal on any projects that come up within the framework of their relationship.)

And Franklin is absolutely one of those A-listers among producers, with hit Christian films like Miracles from Heaven, The Star and Breakthrough to his credit. That latter film happens to be this year's top-grossing picture in the genre and was done under his previous deal with 20th Century Fox; it brought in $50 million in worldwide ticket sales against a production budget of $14 million, making it a profitable project for the studio. Fox, however, was acquired this year by Disney and, in one of those head-scratching moves from corporate America, the gang from Mickey Mouse's empire showed Franklin the door once they took over.

He is not only a producer, though, but also a preacher and a very devout Believer, and his strong faith buoyed him through this ordeal. Franklin spelled it out in a post this week on social media, explaining how he trusted in the Lord after the setback with Disney.

"Sometimes we worry about what we lose instead of focusing on what we have. God called me to this industry, so I had to hold onto my faith and believe that even in the face of major uncertainty! I'm a living testimony that faith works! All things are possible to those who believe!"

Wow, well said, DeVon! No wonder that, in addition to his movie-producing duties, he is such a successful professional motivational speaker and author. Franklin added he plans to continue to develop "uplifting and inspirational movies" in his new location and then closed out his post with this gem.

"Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you!"

That, of course, is a quote from Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount, as recorded in Matthew 6:33, and should be words to live by for all of us. We will certainly be praying for huge success for our Christian brother, DeVon Franklin, as he continues to be salt and light in Hollywood.


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