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Corbin Bernsen's Antidote to Hate is Rooted in Faith

The actor speaks about the critical importance of forgiveness.

Corbin Bernsen in promotional artwork for his movie "Life with Dog."

Corbin Bernsen is among the most prominent Believers in Hollywood and he is outspoken about his Christian faith. In fact, he likes to use the movies he writes and directs to reach out to those who are not in the Body of Christ.

So it is with his film Life with Dog, in which he plays an unbelieving character who suffers through the death of his wife with no faith to lean on. At least that is until a stray wanders into his life, which eventually leads to his eyes being opened to God. The film also features Marilu Henner and Chelsey Crisp and is available on Pure Flix streaming service.

Forgiveness and love are, of course, a major part of the foundation of our faith and are central themes in this picture. In an interview with Pure Talk, also a property of the Pure Flix Christian movie outfit, Bernsen spoke about the importance they play in keeping sinful emotions at bay.

"Forgiveness is a thing that allows you to get back to a place of love. Because if we get seeded in that hate and that anger, we end up kind of like what we're seeing today: chaos."

Actively living out our Christian faith is the perfect answer to the strident political conflict in today's America that Bernsen references. And he adds "forgiveness is a powerful, powerful tool" that not only benefits the one forgiven, but also proves "freeing" to the forgiver.

This interview is full of both spiritual wisdom and good advice for those who aspire to follow in Bernsen's footsteps in the acting game, and we suggest you watch the whole thing. You can find it via this link to the Pure Flix website and you can watch the trailer for Life with Dog right here.

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