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Kirk Cameron Christmas Carol Protest

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

The Christian actor will help lead a weekend sing-along in defiance of draconian coronavirus restrictions.

A "Sing It Louder USA" peaceful protest led by Kirk Cameron last Sunday in Westlake Village, CA. Image: Kirk Cameron/Instagram.

No matter where you fall on the spectrum of support for Coronavirus restrictions, there is little debate about the wearying nature of the protocols: distancing, masks, cancellations, et cetera. Among the most outspoken opponents of the restrictions - particularly about limiting large meetings - have been churchgoers. Now a peaceful opposition movement may well give them an outlet to voice their stance, literally.

Kirk Cameron in a social media post. Image: Kirk Cameron/Instagram.

It's called Sing It Louder USA and Christian actor Kirk Cameron is among those on board. The movement seems to be a mixture of Believers and advocates of the US Constitution's First Amendment freedom of speech and religion clauses. The group is encouraging large gatherings in public places for the express purpose of singing Christmas carols in an effort to "say no to govt tyrants who are attempting to control our lives," as their website puts it.

As for Cameron, he took part in one of more than 100 such events last weekend, calling it "uplifting, inspirational and encouraging" in a social media post. He plans to take part in an encore performance of the peaceful protest this coming Sunday and hopes to double the 500-person-turnout.

"It's part townhall meeting, part worship service. If you love God, you love Christmas and you love liberty, you're not going to want to miss this."

The rally will take place in Thousand Oaks, CA, which is northwest of Los Angeles, and you can find the details in this link to Cameron's Instagram page. More information about the national organization can be found at this link to Sing It Louder USA.

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