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Christmas Extravaganza from "The Chosen"

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

The streaming series about the life of Christ is putting together a cavalcade of top Christian music acts to celebrate the holiday.

Lead actor Jonathan Roumie (2nd from right) in a scene from season two. Image: "The Chosen"/Instagram.

With just one season under its belt, The Chosen has already chalked up plenty of impressive achievements, including becoming the number one all-time crowdfunding media project and thus far garnering 68-million views in 180 countries to name but two. With production of its second season having just finished in Utah, show creator/director Dallas Jenkins aims to keep the momentum going.

As part of the plan to do so, he and his team will put on what they're billing as a "huge" Christmas event. It features a two and a half minute sneak peek of season two and a special presentation of The Shepherd, a short film about the Nativity, that served as something of a pilot for this series.

There will also be song - and lots of it - from leading lights of the Christian music business, with headliners like Chris Tomlin, Zach Williams, Mandisa, Hillsong United, Phil Wickham and more among the acts set to perform. Wow, that's quite the lineup and it shows just how powerful this program has become that it can draw that kind of talent.

The fundraising prowess of The Chosen certainly helps: the current funding campaign has generated $10.6 million as of today, roughly equivalent to what they drummed up for season one. Those are staggering sums for this sort of thing. The previous record for a media crowdfunding project was $5.7 million, which this show has now nearly doubled on two separate occasions.

The Lord is clearly blessing this project and Jenkins - a devout Believer - who has been sure to hold true to the Gospel narrative in his storytelling. He has previously stated he hopes to release the first half of season two around Easter of next year, though there is as yet no firm commitment on that score. The Christmas Special, on the other hand, does have a firm air date: this Sunday, December 13th, at 8:00 PM EST, and you can watch it via this link to show's website.


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