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Christian Movie "A Week Away" to Premiere on Netflix

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

The streaming service will debut this new faith-based teen musical next month.

Bailee Madison and Kevin Quinn in a screenshot from the trailer for "A Week Away." Image: Netflix/YouTube.

The trailer for this story by Christian singer and actor Alan Powell, who's also producer of A Week Away though does not have an on-screen role, released this week. And it's got plenty of singing, dancing and good looking kids, all of which meet genre expectations: think High School Musical goes to a church camp.

And that is the setting for this one, which stars Bailee Madison and Kevin Quinn as youngers who fall for each other at the week-long summer getaway for Christian teens. Only it's a fish-out-of-water storyline since Quinn's character is pushed into attending said camp lest he face legal trouble for poor life-style choices.

In addition to Powell, the film also features songs from some of the biggest names in Christian music: Steven Curtis Chapman, For King & Country, Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith. In a word, it's got quite the faith-based pedigree.

All of which makes it a bit curious to us that this would end up on the oft-maligned Netflix, a company that the National Center on Sexual Exploitation just named to its 2021 Dirty Dozen List of major contributors to sexual exploitation because of the kind of smutty fare it so often features; the most notorious case in point is a film called Cuties, the promotion of which last year got Netflix indicted by a grand jury in Texas because of lewd imagery of underage girls it used to promote the movie. Hardly a paragon of virtue, to put it charitably.

At any rate, our hope and prayer is that A Week Away will help to counteract some of the damage done by Netflix's consistent purveying of unwholesome content. The new movie debuts on the platform March 26th and the trailer below will give you a good sense of what to expect.


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