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Candace Cameron Bure's Latest Christmas Flick was Almost a Family Affair

The Christian actress' inaugural made-for-TV movie on Great American Family did not work out as originally planned on the casting front.

Candace Cameron Bure appears on "Takeaways with Kirk Cameron," who is her brother.
Candace Cameron Bure appears on "Takeaways with Kirk Cameron." Image: TBN/YouTube screenshot.

Candace Cameron Bure moved over from the Hallmark group of channels to Great American Family earlier this year to become the new network's chief creative officer and star in its original movies, her first one being a Yuletide picture called A Christmas...Present, as we reported here when it aired in November. In a word, it is a faith-based tale in which her character comforts her brother who is mourning the death of his wife.

Candace Cameron Bure and Paul Fitzgerald appear in a scene from "A Christmas...Present."
Candace Cameron Bure and Paul Fitzgerald appear in a scene from "A Christmas...Present." Image: Great American Family screenshot.

Said brother is played by New York-born actor Paul Fitzgerald, and during a recent appearance on the Trinity Broadcasting Network show, Takeaways with Kirk Cameron - who is Bure's real-life brother - the 46-year-old mother of three adult children said that though she and Fitzgerald really hit it off during production in Oklahoma, he was not the first choice for the role: Kirk Cameron was!

Brother and sister poked fun at each other on the TBN show as they explained why it did not work out, which largely had to do with Cameron's pre-existing commitments: in addition to hosting the aforementioned Takeaways this year, he wrote a children's book - As You Grow - and shot and released two movies: the documentary The Homeschool Awakening and a Kendrick Brothers' feature, Lifemark.

Cameron, who guest starred in one episode of his sister's former Netflix show Fuller House back in 2019, said he was sorry this opportunity fell through, but both he and Bure agreed they will try again on another of her Christmas movie projects in the future.

The two devout Christians also spoke at length about issues of faith, and you can check that out below in the clip from the program.


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