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"The Reason for the Season" is the Focus of Candace Cameron Bure's 1st Great American Family Film

The Christian actress left Hallmark this year to join its upstart competitor, and this inaugural production will headline that latter outfit's slate of Christmas movies.

Candace Cameron Bure models an outfit for eponymous her clothing line.
Candace Cameron Bure models an outfit for her eponymous fashion line. Image: Candace Cameron Bure Clothing/Instagram.

With some 30 made-for-TV movies to her credit at the Hallmark networks, Candace Cameron Bure was their top star, making it huge news when she announced in April that she was moving over to Great American Family channel. Among her stated reasons for the switch, as we reported at the time, was her desire to "develop heartwarming and faith-filled programming" (emphasis is ours).

In a press release announcing her first endeavor, which is entitled A Christmas...Present, it would seem she is wasting no time doing just that. A synopsis of the movie describes her lead charter as an "overly scheduled" and "Type-A mom" who takes her family to visit a widowed brother and his daughter and "learns to embrace the reason for the season." Bure, a devout and outspoken Christian, says the plot is about "slowing down enough to recognize what's right in front of our eyes."

"The hustle and bustle of the Christmas season will arrive before we know it, but it's through the quiet moments that we hear God speak to us, directing our path to what's most important."

Bill Abbott, who is President and CEO of Great American Media (parent company of Great American Family channel), states he is "thrilled" to get the ball rolling with Cameron Bure on this project; he worked with her for more than a decade when he ran Crown Media Family Networks, the company over the Hallmark channels. Abbott feels sure this movie will "delight" viewers and be representative of the "family-friendly entertainment" his new network will deliver.

As for Cameron Bure, the 46-year-old wife and mother of three adult children will both star in A Christmas...Present and executive produce through her Candy Rock Entertainment production company. The movie will air in November as part of the channel's so-called Great American Christmas, which will run from October 21st through the end of the year and feature Christmas movies all day, including a new one premiering every Saturday and Sunday. Christian Film Blog will let you know exactly when A Christmas...Present will run as soon as a date is announced.


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