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Children's Book from Kirk Cameron Delves into the Fruit of the Spirit

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

The Christian actor says "As You Grow" fights against the tide of dangerous "indoctrination" currently targeting youngsters.

Kirk Cameron poses for a promotional picture with his new children's book "As You Grow."
Kirk Cameron poses for a promotional picture with his new children's book "As You Grow." Image: Brave Publishing Co.

Having raised and homeschooled six children to adulthood, Kirk Cameron knows a thing or two about child rearing and education. Being a devout Christian on top of it, he comes at the issue from that perspective in his book, As You Grow.

A combination story/activity book written for the under-ten set, it tells the tale of a tree facing danger as it grows. In a social media post, the 52-year-old former star of Growing Pains and the faith-based film Fireproof states that the book "teaches kids about Biblical wisdom and the importance of relying on Biblical principles through all seasons of life," including the fruit of the Spirit, as enumerated in Galatians 5:22 - 23. Speaking to Fox News, Cameron says he hopes his book can be an antidote to dangerous ideas being pushed right now in American education.

"As Bibles are literally being removed from schools and libraries - and as Christianity, and faith, and the Ten Commandments are being taken out of schools and replaced with toxic ideas like transgenderism, CRT (critical race theory) and the 1619 project, I'm looking to fight back."

Adding that he sees this as an issue of "shaping the hearts and minds and souls of the next generation of human beings," Cameron has already landed agreements in Florida, Texas and California to place his book in some school libraries; he will push for more in other states as well. He has teamed up on As You Grow with Christian publisher Brave Publishing Co. and the book is available for purchase on their website.


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