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Candace Cameron Bure Launches a Fashion Line

Certainly one of the most prominent Christian stars in Hollywood, she is also among the most entrepreneurial.

Candace Cameron Bure models a casual ensemble from her new clothing line. Image: "Candace Cameron Bure Clothing"/Instagram.

Wow, is there anything Candace Cameron Bure can't do? Between her highly-rated Christmas movies and Aurora Teagarden Mysteries franchise, she's the top star on the Hallmark family of networks, she's a best-selling author, writing books for adults, books for children, and devotional study guides, she and her Russian husband - retired NHL player Valeri Bure (pronounced vah-LARRY boo-REY) - own a small winery in California's Napa Valley, and now she's got her own clothing line coming out!

Natasha Bure models some of the wares from her mother's new clothing collection. Image: "Candace Cameron Bure Clothing"/Instagram.

Best of all, the 45-year-old mother of three grown children is a devout Christian who constantly uses her fame to share the Gospel, as we have often reported on these pages. For that, we love her and root for her in everything she does, including this latest endeavor in the world of fashion with the simply named Candace Cameron Bure Clothing label.

Her eponymous line will debut next Monday and be sold exclusively through the QVC shopping channel. Judging by the photos Cameron Bure has released thus far, it would seem her collection is more weekend-causal that haute couture, featuring tee shirts, denim, pastel color palettes and sizes ranging from XXS to 5XL.

In a social media announcement about the launch of the clothing label, Cameron Bure shares that she worked hard on this project "for over a year" with "many long Zoom calls." And she adds that the collection is a reflection of her own tastes in fashion.

"The Candace Cameron Bure Clothing line has been created and curated to bring my personal style home to YOU."

The fashion label has its own Instagram page, which you can check out here, and it is already up on QVC's website, though with a very limited number of items on offer until the official launch on April 19th.


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