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Candace Cameron Bure Gets a Head Start on Christmas

The Hallmark star already has her tree up and says she just wants the holiday "to come so badly" this year.

Candace Cameron Bure poses in a publicity photo for the Hallmark Channel's annual Countdown to Christmas programming.
Candace Cameron Bure poses in a publicity photo for the Hallmark Channel's annual "Countdown to Christmas" programming. Image: Hallmark Channel/Crown Media Family Networks/Facebook.

When you're the biggest star every year on the Hallmark Channel's annual cavalcade of Christmas movies and you refer to yourself as The Queen of Christmas - as Candace Cameron Bure is and does - there's little doubt you love the holiday. It would seem, however, she's more anxious for the big day than usual.

In an interview on Access Hollywood to promote her latest Hallmark Christmas movie, the Christian actress said very enthusiastically that she put up her tree this week. That's a break with tradition - doing so before Thanksgiving - but she admitted she simply couldn't wait.

"I just want Christmas to come so badly. I don't know what it is about this year. Maybe because last year was just like (blows a raspberry and gives the two thumbs-down) for the world, and this year I'm like, 'I need Christmas,' so my decorations are up."

Cameron Bure even posted a video on social media documenting it, which you can see here. As for her new Hallmark movie, it's called The Christmas Contest and she plays opposite a familiar face - John Brotherton - who starred with her for years on Fuller House. In this Christmas movie, as in that show, the pair play ex-boyfriend and girlfriend, and they end up competing against each other in a local TV holiday contest for charity.

The Hallmark producers even decided to use some still pictures of them as a couple from Fuller House, though according to Cameron Bure "you gotta really be on the lookout" in order to see them since the images are in the background. If you'd like to check it out, you can catch The Christmas Contest on Hallmark Channel Sunday, November 28th at 8:00 PM EST/7:00 PM CST.


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