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Call From Christian Friend Helped Save Letitia Wright

The "Black Panther" star was unsatisfied with life despite professional and material success.

Letitia Wright takes part in a photo shoot for the Bible app "YouVersion." Image: Letitia Wright/Instagram.

Letitia Wright, one of our favorite actresses, is among the most outspoken Believers in the movie business, often discussing her faith in interviews and at awards shows. The 26-year-old Guyana-born Briton may well be the most open too, having repeatedly shared in public fora about the difficulties she has experienced, including her battle with depression.

Those challenges, however, helped open her up to the saving grace of Christ. In an interview with the Bible app YouVersion, Wright relates how God used a phone call from a friend of hers as an instrument to bring her into the Faith.

"He was just talking to me and he was just like, 'God told me to call you and tell you that you're not in a good place. I can tell you about Jesus. And His Spirit set me free, so I'm just sharing it with you.' And in that sentence was like, the interest just clicked."

Her friend went on to share a scripture, Matthew 6:33, which calls on us to seek first God's Kingdom and His righteousness. Wright says that made her really "hungry" to study the Bible, particularly the four Gospels, which she adds have "brought life" to her.

Amen to that! A boast million upon millions of the rest of us can also make. And in order to help others stay strong in the Word, Wright has teamed up with YouVersion for a three-day Bible reading plan called Overcoming. That's available via this link, and you can watch Wright's entire promotional interview with them in the video below.


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