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Box Office Surge for "Run the Race"

This Christian film is winding down its theatrical run, but gets a nice bump in revenue over the weekend.

Tanner Stine carries the football in a scene from "Run the Race."

Run the Race collected nearly $15,000 at the box office from Friday through Sunday, according to The Numbers. That is a 125% increase from the previous weekend and puts it in 50th place overall. Surprisingly, the jump in revenue comes despite a drop in the movie's theater count from 35 to 25 over the same period.

This faith-based film, from executive producer and Christian athlete Tim Tebow, tells the fictional story of two brothers struggling with hardship. Played by Tanner Stine and Evan Hofer, they rely on each other, their athletic talents and their Christian faith to navigate the difficulties.

Run the Race has been in release for just over seven weeks now and is closing in on the end of its run in theaters. It has brought in $6.4 million and is already in the all-time Top-40 for box office revenue in the Christian genre.


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