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"A Week Away" Rekindles Kevin Quinn's Christian Faith

The 24-year old realized how important it was in his life during filming of this faith-based musical.

Kevin Quinn (center) performs a dance routine during production of the movie. Image: "A Week Away"/Netflix.

We are actually less than a week away from the premiere of A Week Away on Netflix...sorry, couldn't resist that one. The movie is set in a Christian summer camp, where Kevin Quinn plays troubled teen Will Hawkins, who "finds love, friends and a place to belong," according to the movie's synopsis.

As it turns out, during production of the movie in Nashville, Quinn himself found his faith again. In an interview with Christian Headlines, the former star of another camp-based show - Bunk'd from Disney - says he was facing a personal struggle at the time.

"I was going through a bit of an existential crisis, which sounds crazy, but I think my faith was shaken. And A Week Away really brought back some of the things that were important in my life and made me realize just how important faith was in my life. So A Week Away not only was a catalyst for Will, it was a catalyst for me, as Kevin Quinn, to be reintroduced to my faith."

What great news! May God continue to draw him closer. And our prayer here at Christian Film Blog is that A Week Away touches its audience just as powerfully as it touched its lead actor. The movie, which also stars Bailee Madison, becomes available on Netflix this Friday, March 26th.


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