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A Miracle and New Characters Highlight Latest Episode of "The Chosen"

The team behind this hit series about Jesus' earthly ministry "went for broke" on this ambitious installment.

Jesus' disciples in a scene from Episode 4 of season two. Image: "The Chosen"/Instagram.

The Chosen reaches the midway point of its second season Tuesday night - May 11th - when director Dallas Jenkins and his team release Episode 4. As we reported previously, he feels this is the "biggest episode" yet because of the numerous storylines, stunts and set backdrops in play.

Christian Film Blog was able to screen it early along with investors, and we feel sure fans will not be disappointed. Aside from saying it features some new characters - both from Scripture and extra-Biblical ones - and a well-known miracle from Jesus, we will refrain from giving details so as to avoid spoilers, in keeping with the wishes of Jenkins and his partners.

Director Dallas Jenkins during production of season two. Image: "The Chosen"/Instagram.

In a livestream accompanying the screening, the Christian director did, however, acknowledge that this was so involved that it felt more like shooting a 90-minute feature film than an hour-long episode. And he added that they held nothing back, saying, "This is where we went for broke."

Jenkins also stated that the budgets will have to go up for the coming five seasons to keep production at this level, and that is indeed his plan. He also showed off a new 60-second trailer for this second season, one that should come out in a few weeks and will run not only on social media, but also on television, which will be a first for the program.

Additionally, Jenkins revealed that Episode 5 should be ready to release next week, but that it will be followed by a sizable waiting period because Episode 6 has a significant number of visual effects, meaning it will be in post-production for a while yet. But first things first: Episode 4 airs tomorrow, Tuesday, at 9:00 PM EDT (GMT -4) and you can watch it free on the show's website or via the app - Apple / Android.


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