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A Milestone for "The Chosen"

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

The dramatic series about the life of Christ is gaining a significant following.

Cast and crew shoot a scene of "The Chosen." Image: "The Chosen"/Instagram.

The Chosen is already a record-setter, having established the all-time crowdfunding mark among media projects when it raised more than $10 million dollars for its first season. Those eight episodes came out last year and have crossed an important viewership threshold.

A screenshot from "The Chosen" app showing 10,000,000 views of the program. Image: "The Chosen"/Instagram.

According to a post today on social media, the show has now been viewed ten million times! That's quite a number for an independent project like this, but the show's creator/director Dallas Jenkins and his fellow filmmakers, to borrow from Robert Frost, have got miles to go before they sleep, if they are to achieve their staggeringly ambitious goal of one billion (B) views.

To be fair, they have only put out the first of what they hope will be seven or eight seasons to tell the entire story of Jesus' earthly life and ministry, one, and the program's app, which is available via Google Play and Apple's App Store, is helping to spread the show around the world, two, so we are certainly not being dismissive of their chances of attaining that kind of success. In fact, as we reported here, the app has been downloaded in nearly 200 countries and the team behind The Chosen is having it translated into more than 70 languages, so this is a truly global endeavor.

Filmmakers are still in the process of putting together funding to shoot season two - it'll cost about $10 million - and hope to launch production this year. One of the primary means of raising that money is through a pay-it-forward program that also allows the show to be streamed for free by people overseas, since spreading the Good News of the Gospel is Jenkins' primary aim here, and if you'd like to take part, you can do so at this link.


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