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A "Growing Pains" Reboot for Kirk Cameron?

One of his former co-stars says the Christian actor is up for it.

Kirk Cameron, former star of the sitcom "Growing Pains." Image from

The hit show Growing Pains ran on ABC television from 1985-1992 and it launched Kirk Cameron to stardom. The sitcom focused on the adventures of the Seaver family, in which Cameron played Mike, one of the children.

Now, his little brother from the show is talking about a reboot. Actor Jeremy Miller tells Closer Weekly he has been in touch with Cameron and Tracey Gold, they were the three original Seaver children, "and they are both on board" for reviving the show.

Alan Thicke, the father from Growing Pains, was the one who originally broached the subject of a reboot, according to Miller. But Thicke died in 2016 and it lost momentum. Miller says this is now in the early stages, but he doesn't not want to let go of the idea.

"When he passed it kind of fell by the wayside, so me, Tracey and Kirk are trying to see it through."

Cameron, whose sister Candace Cameron Bure stars in Fuller House - a Netflix reboot of Full House - is currently busy with Kirk Cameron's Living Room Reset. That is a nationwide tour of churches designed to help couples strengthen their marriages and families. In addition to discussion, prayer and worship music, he promises to bring each event "some throwback Growing Pains surprises," so he clearly still has a soft spot in his heart for the show.

Christian Film Blog will keep you updated on developments with this possible reboot.


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