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Well-Deserved Award for Shannen Fields

The "Facing the Giants" star brings home top honors from a major Christian film festival.

Shannen Fields in a social media post for her nomination as Actress of the Year. Image: Shannen Fields/Instagram.

Still in the midst of the grieving process following the death of her husband earlier this year, Shannen Fields was able to enjoy a moment of celebration over the weekend. She won the Actress of the Year award in the people's choice category at the 2021 International Christian Film and Music Festival in Florida.

Fields played roles in four recent faith-based films, including My Brother's Keeper starring fellow Christian actor T.C. Stallings. She also has several others that are currently in pre-production or development, meaning she is keeping plenty busy professionally.

She addressed that point in her acceptance speech, and did so in the context of her husband Jimmy Fields' death from ALS in February, following 29 years of marriage. Fighting back tears, Shannen acknowledged that the award does bring "a little joy" to her and then referenced Jimmy's desire for her to continue acting.

"He made me promise to never quit, to do what I am called to do. And this award is for him."

Fields also says, "To God be the Glory," in a social media post accompanying the clip of her acceptance of the award, as she continues to demonstrably and consistently lean on Him. She is a courageous Christian woman, living out her faith very publicly during a time of what is clearly tremendous emotional suffering. We pray for the Lord to heal the pain of her bereavement and to continue to touch the hearts of others through her powerful testimony.


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