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The Winners are in!

The votes have been tallied and trophies awarded for the Content 18 Christian film festival in Dallas-Ft. Worth.

Leading the way with top prize in the Feature Film category is Mattie: The Discovery from actor/director Cameron Arnett. This is a story about a teenage girl, played by Brianna Hope Beaton, who begins to have visions after a murder. But the thrust of the film focuses on God's unfailing and redemptive love.

Check out the trailer here:

The other two big winners were Boycott This, in the Documentary category - it stars comedian Brad Stine and takes a look at the worldwide pressure on Israel - and Keepsake, a particularly powerful and touching pro-life film that took top honors in the Short category (we have no link to that one, unfortunately).

There were other winners in a host of categories and you can see all of the Content 18 honorees here.


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