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Candace Cameron Bure Shares Her Faith

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

In an interview with Today, the Christian actress makes clear "Christ is the foundation" for her.

Candace Cameron Bure is partnering with The Salvation Army to help relief efforts during the coronavirus pandemic. Image: Candace Cameron Bure/Instagram.

Candace Cameron Bure is among the most outspoken Christians in Hollywood, often making public professions of her faith. We nonetheless continue to marvel at how consistently and powerfully she does so.

An online interview with the Today show's website - it would seem there is not a TV component - is the latest case in point. The Fuller House star first references the coming Easter holiday, saying she, her husband and their three adult children will mark the day at their California home, where they are cloistered away because of the coronavirus. They plan to stream services from their local church and then take communion as a family.

Though the climate of so-called social distancing and stay-at-home orders has had an impact on her life style, it has not shaken her confidence. On the contrary, Cameron Bure is holding fast to God.

"My faith in Jesus Christ is the foundation of who I am. My faith is so important to me, whether in celebration or in challenges like this pandemic. I continue to stay in God's Word, the Bible, so I am comforted by truth and the hope God gives to all humanity and not allow fear to drive my emotion or decisions."

Cameron Bure is not, however, sitting on the sidelines in this battle against the coronavirus. In addition to regularly sharing her faith and posting Bible readings on her social media pages, she has teamed up with The Salvation Army to help that Christian social services provider raise funds for outreach to people in need right now. Material and medical needs aside, though, she also has a rock-solid word of encouragement for anyone who may be gripped by fear or a sense of hopeless.

"God gives hope to all who ask Him for it. Seek Him."

Amen, sister Candace! Hard to say it better than that. You can check out the full interview with Cameron Bure at the Today show's website via this link.


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