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"The Hill" Actor Colin Ford Calls it a "Joy" to Share His Faith through Film

The picture tells the true story of a baseball prodigy pursuing his dream of a professional career despite serious physical ailments.

Christian actor Colin Ford appears in a scene from "The Hill."
Christian actor Colin Ford appears in a scene from "The Hill." Image: Briarcliff Entertainment.

There is a definite element of art imitating life for Colin Ford in The Hill, which comes to theaters next week. In the movie, the Nashville native plays a young man named Rickey Hill who can hit a baseball with the best of them. Unfortunately, he also has a degenerative spinal condition that makes walking - let alone running - a painful challenge.

Hollywood veteran Dennis Quaid portrays the character's father, a pastor who wants him to forget about baseball and pursue a life in the pulpit. It is in that that the 26-year-old Ford can somewhat relate to the role, because as he tells Movieguide in an interview, he faced a similar situation with his own father, an academic who wanted him to go to college, which the younger Ford elected not to do.

"For me, I just felt convicted that acting was where I should stay and what I should be doing. And I feel like Rickey feels very similar in his conviction for baseball."

Ford's father eventually came around and now "understands" and is "very proud" of what his son does as an actor. The young man is not just seeking fame and fortune either, but is a Christian determined to share his faith with "as many people as possible," which he is doing through his vocation.

This is the second faith-based project he has releasing this year - the first being A Thousand Tomorrows, a Karen Kingsbury production that is streaming on the Pure Flix platform which we wrote about here - and Ford is thrilled that they each align with his spiritual values.

"Having a series like A Thousand Tomorrows, or having a film like The Hill, which both have really cool, strong messages - they're different, but both faith-oriented - I think it's a joy for me to get to share that with the world."

The Hill is scheduled to release in theaters nationwide next Friday, August 25th. Until then, you can get a better feel for what to expect from the movie in the trailer below.


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