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"The Chosen" Heads Back into Production

The streaming series about Jesus will now shoot the 2nd half of season one.

Dallas Jenkins (left) and crew on set at Capernaum Village Studios. Image from the program's Instagram page.

Next week, cast and crew of The Chosen will once again hear director Dallas Jenkins yell, "Action!" That's when they start filming episodes five through eight of the first ever multi-season series about the life of Christ. As with the previous four episodes, these will be produced at Capernaum Village Studios outside of Fort Worth, TX.

The Chosen is the all-time crowdfunding record holder among media projects, having raised more than $10 million in its first campaign, which is a staggering sum, particularly considering the previous record was about half that. Filmmakers launched another campaign this week, hoping to raise $1 million more. With eight days to go, they have already brought in $350,000 from 500-plus contributors: wow!

The first four episodes of season one are no doubt part of the reason for that rapid success. Released in April, they are well done and have been well received...we reviewed them here. Jenkins' approach in this series is to portray Jesus, who is played by actor Jonathan Roumie, through the eyes of those who knew him, e.g., the Apostles, other disciples, Jewish and Roman leaders, et cetera, and it is quite effective.

There is no firm release date yet for these new episodes - which must be shot and edited - though Jenkins has previously mentioned some time in fall as most likely. If you would like to contribute to the current crowdfunding effort, you can find out how via this link. You can also access the existing four episodes at the VidAngel streaming service. The trailer below will give you a good feel for what is in store.


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