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"The Chosen" Finishes its First Week of Production of Season 4

The cast and crew of this hit series about the earthly ministry of Jesus are expected to take four or five months to complete all of their work.

A screenshot of lead actor Jonathan Roumie during week one of production of Season 4 on location in Midlothian, TX in March of 2023.
A screenshot of lead actor Jonathan Roumie on location in Midlothian, TX, during production of Season 4. Image: "The Chosen"/from YouTube.

Show creator/director Dallas Jenkins and the team of The Chosen are back on set in Midlothian, TX - south of the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area - for week two of production. Last night, he gave a livestream update to fans, saying "It feels like just yesterday," that they wrapped up Season 3.

Dallas Jenkins appears during the livestream update on Season 4.
Dallas Jenkins appears during the livestream update on Season 4. Image: "The Chosen"/YouTube screenshot.

The 47-year-old husband and father of four also presented a short behind-the-scenes video of the first week of production of the new season, which featured a scene with Jonathan Roumie - who plays the Jesus character - warming himself at a campfire. Jenkins did not give many details on what to expect in Season 4, likely to release at the end of this year, other than to say that there will be developments with Zebedee's oil business, which apparently will help finance the ministry efforts of his sons James and John, as well as the rest of Jesus' 12 Apostles.

Jenkins, who is a devout Believer, also made mention of God's faithfulness through the first three seasons of the show, which launched via crowdfunding, before switching first to a pay-it-forward program and now to a tax-deductible-charity model that continues to make it free to watch. Having been viewed some 500 million times by more than 100 million people, Jenkins is quick to give the glory to God for His favor.

"We've had a good pattern on The Chosen of things going well, and even when they don't, they end up working because this project isn't fully in my hands."

The director mentioned that less than five percent of the show's viewing audience actually contributes financially, and he appealed for fans to support it through the Come and See Foundation if they are able. You can find out more about that outfit and make a donation via this link to its website.

Some interesting news for particularly dedicated fans of the show: Chosen Con 2023 is coming this fall and you are invited to attend. It will take place October 14th and 15th in Dallas, TX, and feature panel discussions with the actors, a preview of Season 4 - which will wrap production by that time - meet-and-greet events with the cast, and a big announcement of a new project Jenkins and team are currently developing. You can get more information and book your tickets on the event's website.

One final note related to the livestream: it features a documentary about the walking-on-water scene from Season 3. The behind-the-scenes production runs about 30 minutes and is worth watching; you can check it out in the YouTube link below and it hits at about 29 minutes into the livestream.


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