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T.C. Stallings' Film "No Vacancy" Now Available on DVD

The faith-based picture also features prominent Christian actor Dean Cain and 1980's headliner Sean Young.

T.C. Stallings appears in a scene from "No Vacancy."
T.C. Stallings appears in a scene from "No Vacancy." Image: Kingstone Studios.

If you missed No Vacancy when released in theaters earlier this year, you can be forgiven: it played in a special engagement back in May for just one day. T.C. Stallings, who is a committed Believer, plays the lead character, a recovering drug addict named Cecil Johnson and the picture focuses on the true story of a Florida church struggling to buy a motel and convert it into a shelter for the homeless.

Dean Cain is the pastor of said church and Sean Young plays the role of a local journalist sent to cover the story; a jaded newspaper reporter, she undergoes a transformation as she follows Johnson's journey of recovery and befriends him.

In a social media missive, Stallings says he is "very excited" for home entertainment audiences to get to see No Vacancy. You can purchase the DVD from Kingstone Studios - the outfit behind the film - via this link to their website.


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