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"Vindication" Adds T.C. Stallings & Cameron Arnett for its 2nd Season

The actors raise the profile of the detective show's already impressive list of Christian cast members.

Lead actor Todd Terry (left) and T.C. Stallings pose in a publicity shot for season 2 of "Vindication."
Lead actor Todd Terry (left) and T.C. Stallings pose in a publicity shot for the series. Image: " Vindication."

Season number two of Vindication releases today on the Pure Flix streaming platform. This episodic crime show stars veteran Christian actor Todd Terry in the lead role of Detective Gary Travis. In keeping with the program's gritty, real-world feel, things like drug abuse, racial prejudice and family tension are on the agenda for this 10-episode second season.

A digital poster for season 2 of "Vindication."
A digital poster for the show's second season. Image: "Vindication."

In addition to Todd, the cast includes strong Christian players like Ashley Bratcher, Emma Elle Roberts, Robia Scott and, new this season, T.C. Stallings and Cameron Arnett. Having starred in movies like Courageous, War Room, Overcomer and I Still Believe between them, those latter two are among the most prominent actors in the faith-based genre. With years of experience and considerable ability, they have earned their stripes and will strengthen the show's existing on-screen talent pool.

The first two episodes of this new season are out today and the next one comes out on Wednesday, September 8th, followed by a new one each week thereafter. Vindication is available to stream on Pure Flix, the faith-based/family friendly service now owned by Sony Pictures and operated by Affirm Entertainment, the company's Christian division.

Pure Flix is subscription-based, so you'll need to be a member to watch and you can sign up for a free trial via this link to their website, where you can also access season one of the show. The trailer below gives a good feel for what to expect.


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