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Stephen Kendrick Prays "Bigger" for Each Film

The latest movie from the Kendrick Brothers is called "Overcomer" and it debuts next week.

Cast and crew shoot a scene in Columbus, GA for "Overcomer." Image: Alex Kendrick/Instagram.

There's great anticipation among faith-based filmgoers as Stephen Kendrick and Alex Kendrick prepare for the release of their sixth feature film. Overcomer focuses on Believers' finding their identity in Christ by telling the fictional tale of a successful high school basketball coach, played by Alex, who questions his self-worth after a major setback at work.

Alex Kendrick, Aryn Wright-Thompson & Stephen Kendrick. Image: Alex Kendrick/Instagram.

The film features a strong cast, including Christian actors Priscilla Shirer, Shari Rigby and Cameron Arnett. It also will introduce audiences to Aryn Wright-Thompson, who - in her debut role - plays a student athlete that Alex's character is forced to coach. Co-written by the brothers, Alex is also the director and Stephen the producer.

The Kendricks are the leading filmmakers in the faith-based genre, having, for more than a decade, consistently made movies with an expense-to-profit ratio that virtually no team in Hollywood can rival, faith-based or otherwise. With all their successes, it would be easy enough for them to become self-reliant, but in an interview with Movieguide, Alex makes clear that they bring every project to the Lord, and "pray bigger with each film," trusting Him to deliver the victory.

"With [OVERCOMER], we were praying big, asking God for the help with making the best production that we had, that would look the best on screen, and also to help us in our roles as director and producer in the storytelling process."

Any chance the movie business and the dazzling lights of Hollywood are distracting the brothers, who are both former pastors, from their calling? No way. Alex states that their focus remains on doing the Almighty's bidding through their filmmaking.

"We continue to ask that the Lord would help us to take the Gospel to the nations. Each film is being distributed not only across the US and in 20 countries theatrically, but it then goes to almost 80 countries around the world, digitally or on DVD after the theatrical run."

That is a Kingdom focus anchored in eternity, so it's no wonder the Lord continues to bless Alex Kendrick, Stephen Kendrick and their older brother Shannon Kendrick - he's now part of the team as well - in their moviemaking endeavors.

Overcomer hits theaters nationwide on August, 23rd. In the meantime, we suggest you check out Alex's entire interview with Movieguide via this link.


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