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Shannen Fields Hosts New Show that Helps Widows

Still coping with the death of her own husband, the "Facing the Giants" star is reaching out to other women mourning the loss of a spouse.

Shannen Fields (right) with Pure Flix "Rebuild & Restore" co-host Ken Fletcher.
Shannen Fields (right) appears in a promotional picture with her "Rebuild & Restore" co-host Ken Fletcher. Image: Pure Flix.

Christian actress Shannen Fields has very publicly gone through the grieving process following the death of her husband Jimmy Fields in February after 29 years of marriage. As we reported at the time, he died from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or Lou Gehrig's disease.

Though still in mourning herself, Fields is now co-hosting a show - Rebuild & Restore - to help other widows heal from their bereavement. In the home makeover program from Pure Flix, the Georgia native teams up with Ken Fletcher, who oversees the construction aspects of the production. Fields, meanwhile, interacts with the women in an effort to be "a part of trying to restore their heart," as she puts it in a trailer for the show.

The mother of two adult children clearly can empathize with the widows because of her own healing process, which is yet to fully run its course. In a recent social media post, Fields mentions how Jimmy used to pray over her and make her feel safe, adding that his absence has led to a sense of being "uncovered." She is trusting in God, though, and cites His promise from Exodus 22:22 to hear widows who cry out to Him.

"As a widow, sometimes I feel "uncovered" in this world, but God is showing me even at my weakest moments "He completely covers me"...Always and forever."

Fields acknowledges in the same post that though she is doing well at times, she will also "cry out in (her) deepest pain" at others. Through it all, however, she consciously reaches out to the Lord and to others who are enduring trials.

"What I am doing is MAKING A CHOICE to Worship God, Inspire others & NEVER QUIT!"

If you would like to see Fields in Rebuild & Restore, you can do so exclusively on the Pure Flix streaming platform, where the company is offering a free trial of its services. You can watch the program's trailer here to get a better feel for what to expect.


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