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Season Two Finale of "The Chosen" to Debut This Weekend

Episode 8 will feature one of the hallmark moments of Jesus' earthly ministry: The Sermon on The Mount.

Jonathan Roumie and Paras Patel film a scene in Utah for Episode 8. Image: "The Chosen"/Instagram screenshot.

The second season of The Chosen comes to a close this Sunday with the release of its eighth and final episode. Entitled Beyond Mountains, it will be highlighted by the Jesus character - played by actor Jonathan Roumie - delivering the famous Sermon on the Mount.

Found in chapters five through seven of the Gospel of Matthew in the New Testament, the sermon starts with the Beatitudes and covers teachings on things as profound as love, faith, hope, charity and forgiveness to name but a few. It was, the Bible tells us, attended by "large crowds," making this something of a challenge for show director Dallas Jenkins and his team to recreate.

As we reported here, they filmed the scene in Texas earlier this year, deploying more than 2,000 extras and enduring particularly cold weather in the process. Other parts of the episode were shot at a separate location in Utah, where Jesus and the Apostle Matthew (Paras Patel) are preparing for the sermon. In that clip, Matthew describes Jesus' message as "heavy laden...with these kinds of ominous pronouncements," which draws a stark response from Jesus.

"I'm not here to be sentimental and soothing. I'm here to start a revolution."

The trailer also shows the Pharisees continuing to build their campaign of opposition to Jesus, and the disciples engaging in a marketing effort, passing out flyers to announce the event. You can watch the trailer in the YouTube clip below: it hits at 44:40 in. As to Episode 8, that releases Sunday - July 11th - at 8:00 PM EDT (GMT -4) via The Chosen App - Android / Apple - its website and its YouTube channel.


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