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Sadie Robertson Huff is Now a Mother

The former reality TV star calls the birth of her daughter "the pure goodness of God."

Sadie Robertson Huff with her husband Christian Huff and their newborn daughter. Image: Sadie Robertson Huff/Instagram.

It wasn't that long ago that millions of Americans were watching Sadie Robertson Huff grow up on Duck Dynasty. Just Sadie Robertson then, she was a teen on that reality show about her Louisiana-based family between 2012 and 2017. Now a 23-year-old, she got married in 2019 and earlier this week became the mother of a daughter named Honey James Huff.

Robertson Huff gave birth on Tuesday and posted pictures of her bundle of joy on social media a couple days later, announcing that her daughter tipped the scales at a very solid nine pounds and five ounces when delivered. The devout Believer called her little girl "straight up goodness," and is clearly overjoyed.

"We saw a million little miracles yesterday - the best one being this girl right here... Honey 💛 - the pure goodness of God."

Robertson Huff endured some challenges during her pregnancy - daily morning sickness up to 22 weeks, and she contracted the coronavirus - but everything ended well and both mother and daughter are healthy. We pray that God will bless them, keep them and use them to His glory.


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