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Rocker turned Christian Rejected $23 Million Deal to be a Better Father

A new documentary takes us on the tumultuous journey from addiction to faith in Christ for a founding member of "Korn."

As the band he started rocketed to fame in the 1990s, Brian "Head" Welch was literally leading a sex, drugs and rock-n-roll lifestyle. But he was also the father of a young daughter, Jennea, and feared that his out of control behavior would ruin his child.

One day, Welch went to church and came to faith in Christ. Knowing he was powerless to break free of alcohol and methamphetamine by himself, he extended his arms to the Almighty for help.

"I couldn’t stop these addictions, I had become an animal. I just looked up and said ‘Father, do anything you want to my life."

What followed was a radical step. Welch recognized his need to put all the travel and band-life craziness behind him. In a shock to his fellow Korn members, and with a $23 million recording deal on the table, he quit the band in 2005 to raise Jennea.

Jennea Welch from the Showtime documentary "Loud Krazy Love."

His being at home did not immediately fix everything. He struggled with pent up rage, while his daughter would face teenage depression and begin physically hurting herself and even contemplating suicide.

Eventually, though, there was healing for both of them and Welch even rejoined Korn five years ago. He is now a different man both outwardly - among his many tattoos, he has the name "Jesus" on his hand and the scripture "Come to me all who are weary and I will give you rest" from the Gospel of Mathew on his neck - and spiritually, as he made clear in an interview with The Christian Post in 2013.

"And as soon as I went to church, I felt the love from Jesus. That's when I was fully satisfied. And I was totally done with everything in the world because I was satisfied inside, and I got filled up."

The documentary, Loud Krazy Love, features family home videos and concert performances as well as interviews with Jennea and Brian Welch and his Korn band mates. It debuts on Showtime tonight at 10 ET/PT. Until then, you can take in the trailer.


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