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Release of "The Unbreakable Boy" Pushed Back

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

The next faith-based picture from the Erwin Brothers will not debut this month after all.

A digital poster for "The Unbreakable Boy" indicating its original March, 2022 release
A digital poster for "The Unbreakable Boy" showing its originally-planned March release. Image: Lionsgate/Kingdom Story Company.

As with a good many feature films during this time of coronavirus, The Unbreakable Boy is shifting its release date. The picture, produced by the duo of Andrew Erwin and Jon Erwin through their Kingdom Story Company, was originally scheduled to hit the big screen on March 18th, but that is evidently no longer the case.

Christian Film Blog has not yet seen any official announcement to that effect, but release listings in the major trade publications no longer feature a date for the picture. Lionsgate, the Erwin's distributor and studio partner, also now advertises the movie as "coming soon" on its website instead of listing March 2022 as it previously had (see the image above).

This film tells the true story of a boy with a rare brittle-bone condition and autism who nonetheless inspires those around him through "his joyous, funny, life-affirming world view," as the movie's synopsis puts it. Child actor Jacob Laval plays the lead role and is flanked by a strong cast that includes Zachary Levi, Amy Acker and Patricia Heaton, who is one of our favorite Christian actresses.

A social media post from the Erwin Brothers announcing the launch of production of "Jesus Revolution" in Mobile, AL.
A social media post from the Erwin Brothers announcing the launch of production of "Jesus Revolution" in Mobile, AL. Image: Kingdom Story Company/Instagram.

The Erwin Brothers - both committed Christians - are coming off the success of American Underdog, which recently concluded its theatrical run. The Alabama duo is letting no grass grow under their feet either, having just begun production of Jesus Revolution, which they announced with a social media post featuring a director's chair situated on the beach in Mobile, AL, site of the first stage of filming.

The movie, as we reported recently, stars Jonathan Roumie of The Chosen and Kelsey Grammer and will film for the next two months, shifting from Alabama to the Los Angeles area in April. We will keep you up to date on developments, and will also let you know the new release date for The Unbreakable Boy once it is announced.

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