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Pure Flix Changes its Name

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

The Christian movie studio rebrands itself after selling its streaming service to Sony Pictures.

The corporate logo for Pinnacle Peak Pictures, the new name of Pure Flix Entertainment. Image: Pinnacle Peak Pictures.

Pure Flix Entertainment, the studio behind movies like God's Not Dead, I am Not Ashamed and The Case for Christ is now Pinnacle Peak Pictures, taking the name and the graphic rendering of its logo from an iconic mountain in Scottsdale, AZ where the company is headquartered. The move comes about two months after Sony Pictures purchased Pure Flix's streaming platform and folded it into Affirm Entertainment, the Hollywood giant's faith-based arm.

As for Pinnacle Peak Pictures, name change aside, much remains the same at the company, including the leadership team of Russel Wolfe, David A.R. White and Michael Scott: the former two founded Pure Flix and Scott was its CEO. All three have significant experience as producers and White is also an actor with lots of credits to his name in the faith-based genre.

The studio will continue to both produce and distribute movies and TV shows in what it calls the "family and inspirational" segment of the market. And as Scott makes clear in a statement on Pinnacle Peak Picture's website, they are holding fast to their faith-based roots.

"Remember, God's not dead, and He is good all the time."

As we've previously reported, the company is currently shooting God's Not Dead: We the People, which is the fourth edition of their top film franchise. It is expected to be released in theaters nationwide in October.


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