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Pure Flix and Sarah Drew Deliver a Big Surprise to Newly Adoptive Parents

They give a California couple an unforgettable Christmas present.

Colin and Lindsay Culkin interviewed by Sarah Drew. Image from

Sarah Drew, who stars in the Christian film Indivisible, conducted an on-camera interview with the pair - Colin and Lindsay Culkin - on behalf of to discuss their adoption of twin sisters from China.

Colin - a major in the U.S. Marine Corps - was stationed there when they decided on adoption. He and Lindsay brought their new daughters back to America last summer when they rebased to Carlsbad, CA. Though able to have biological children, Lindsay says personal experience contributed to the decision to adopt first.

"I watched someone that I had worked with adopt and it just really touched my heart. It was real, it was hard, it was emotional, but it was beautiful and loving and everything in between."

Adoption is an expensive process - as high as $30,000 a chlld - and the Culkins hadn't initially planned on adopting two children at once. Colin says when he and Lindsay saw the twin sisters, however, their "hearts just went out to them." In an effort to help cover the additional costs, they turned to Adopt Together, a crowdfunding organization for adoptive parents.

During the interview, Sarah Drew surprised them with great news, and the real reason behind their meeting: Pureflix and its members will cover the balance of the Culkins' debt! It is a touching moment and one worth watching. You can do so on Pure Flix Facebook page.


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