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Post-Election Encouragement from Patricia Heaton

The Christian actress reminds those who are disappointed by results of the voting to keep their focus on the Lord.

Patricia Heaton poses for the 2021 World Vision gift catalog.
Patricia Heaton poses for the 2021 World Vision gift catalog. Image: World Vision/Patricia Heaton/Instagram.

With loads of close races across the nation, counting is still underway from yesterday's mid-term elections in America. It is already clear, however, that the projected Republican "red wave" did not materialize, and that the next U.S. Congress will feature thin majorities in both the Senate and the House of Representatives for whichever party wins.

Patricia Heaton, the one-time star of hit sitcoms Everybody Loves Raymond and The Middle, and faith-based films like Moms' Night Out, is offering some wise advice to fellow Believers. In a post on social media, the 64-year-old mother of four suggested we focus on what really matters, particularly if our preferred candidates came up short.

"For those of you who are Christians and who feel disappointed or despairing of the election results, it is a blessing to be reminded that our security does not rest in men or governments, which are finite and will eventually crumble, but in God alone who is ever sustaining."

Well put, Christian sister. That is quite the reality check for any of us wallowing in the-day-after doldrums. And one more suggestion from us here at Christian Film Blog: if you catch yourself feeling blue about politics, lift it up to the Lord, because there is power in prayer, as Scripture makes clear (Philippians 4:6-7).


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