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One More Go-Round for "Fuller House"

But it's a good news-bad news scenario for fans of the Netflix reboot, starring Christian actress Candace Cameron Bure.

First the good news: Candace Cameron Bure and the rest of the cast will be back this fall for a fifth season of the show, which is reportedly among the top performing programs on the streaming giant's platform. Now for the bad news: this will also be the last season for Fuller House.

Netflix made the announcement in a video that you can watch below. In addition to clips from the show, Cameron Bure and several other cast members are featured saying "We're saving the best for last."

Fuller House is of course based on the hit sitcom Full House, which ran on ABC from 1987-1995, and it features most of the same cast members. There is no firm date yet for when Netflix will make the fifth and final season available.


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