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Oh, my! "Miracle on Christmas" is Ever so Close

The time has come to reveal the official poster artwork for our faith-based Yuletide picture.

Micah Lynn Hanson, Kim Cruchon Brooks and Erin Bethea (left to right) between takes during filming of "Miracle on Christmas." Image: Horse is Ready Productions.

With Christmas less than four months away, we have hit the home stretch for our first feature film, Miracle on Christmas, which was written and directed by yours truly. The release plan is nearly finalized and our trailer should be ready within days...and we cannot wait for you to see it.

Poster artwork for "Miracle on Christmas." Image: Horse is Ready Productions.

In the meantime, we are - here and now - unveiling our official poster artwork for the movie. As you can see to the left (or above for those of you on mobile devices), it features several of the leading cast members, including Christian actors Erin Bethea (Fireproof) and Jason Burkey (I Can Only Imagine), and we feel the imagery perfectly captures the uplifting and inspirational nature of this holiday film's essence.

The movie certainly has the look of those Hallmark Christmas productions that have become such a fixture during the holiday season, no doubt about that, including real snow since we shot it in Michigan in February. Our picture, however, tackles much weightier subject matter than the fare you typically find on that channel.

The drama plays out on Christmas Day and tells a tale of overcoming fears and doubts by relying on the steadfast love and faithfulness of God, with the support of family. We also delve into issues like unbelief, forgiveness and redemption, not to mention focusing a fair amount of attention on the reason for the season, as the saying goes, giving a Gospel presentation of the hope that is found in Christ alone. And while we do that quite directly, we also strove to weave it harmoniously into the film's overall narrative so as to avoid its coming off as "preachy," as critics often call faith-based movies.

Once the trailer for Miracle on Christmas is ready, we will let you know here on the pages of Christian Film Blog. And we hope to announce our release plans for the movie very soon as well, so do check in with us regularly.


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