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Nicole Weider Requests Prayer as She Faces a Health Crisis

The Christian actress and former model is hospitalized after the recent discovery of cancer.

Nicole Weider poses for a recent post on her social media page.
Nicole Weider poses for a recent picture on her social media page. Image: Nicole Weider/from Instagram.

We at Christian Film Blog have long been impressed by Nicole Weider, who as we reported in an article several years ago, left a successful career as a lingerie model after committing her life to Christ. Now a wife and mother of two children, she mentioned at the time that she had hit "a low point" in life and felt "objectified" in the modeling business.

The Texas-based actress, whose credits include faith-based films like Switched and Catching Faith 2, is currently hospitalized after a lump in her breast turned out to be cancerous. In a social media post, she called the discovery the "biggest shock" of her life, adding that the cancer has spread to her arm pit and liver and is being classified by the oncologist as stage 4.

"Unfortunately, he said when younger people get it it's usually more aggressive since it's less common. I'm staying positive, and always trusting God."

The actress also thanked the Lord that "the cancer hasn't spread to (her) brain or bones," but acknowledged that she is "so scared." We think a quote of hers from that aforementioned article is particularly relevant today, so we will re-quote her here.

"With God’s help and with Him on your side - let me tell you that ANYTHING is possible. He can make a way when there seems to be no other way."

Weider is requesting prayer, and we ask that you join us in lifting her up before our Heavenly Father: Lord, we appeal to you on behalf of our Christian sister Nicole. Help her to recall her own words from several years ago and thus be strengthened in her faith. And we ask you to place your healing hand upon her. Purge this illness from her body and restore her to full health as you alone can do. In Jesus' matchless name, your will be done. Amen!

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