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New Trailer Whets the Appetite for 2nd Season of "The Chosen"

Episode one debuts on Easter Sunday and the trailer promises miracles, ministry and growing confrontation between Jesus and the religious authorities of the day.

Jonathan Roumie (front), as Jesus, leads the disciples in a scene from season two. Image: "The Chosen."

Just days to go now until The Chosen launches the follow-up to its hugely successful first season, an eight-episode endeavor that has thus far garnered more than 91 million views around the world. Show creator/director Dallas Jenkins and his team are conducting a livestream marathon of said episodes this week in an effort to ramp up enthusiasm for the new season.

And that's not all: this morning, they released the trailer for that second season. The clip runs nearly three minutes and delivers some powerful moments from Jesus' early ministry, including His healing of the cripple at the Pool of Bethesda, a warm meeting with John the Baptist, the Sermon on the Mount, and what seems a profound scene of the Savior passing a Roman crucifixion and contemplating his own future execution.

You can watch it all below for yourself, so we will keep this article brief. The first episode of season two debuts at 8:00 PM EDT/7:00 PM CDT on Easter Sunday and will be available for free on The Chosen app here or here. As we have mentioned previously, the release schedule for the remaining seven episodes is still to be determined.


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